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Making AI Work for People and Planet

For women, disadvantaged youth, and marginalized communities

Welcome to the FUTURE!


We’re igniting a fresh wave of creativity and redesigning the future for sustainability, inclusion, and a more equitable world for women, disadvantaged youth, and marginalized communities. Join content creators, young leaders and changemakers from across the globe – with special focus on EMEA this year – striving to create a brand-new future #ForAllofUs. 🌍🍃♻️🏞️💚🌱

Introduction to GenAI | Virtual Instructor-led | Free 5 Day Course

This is an introductory level short course aimed at helping you build job-ready skills and kickstart your career in design using Generative AI. No degree or prior AI experience required to get started. 

Skills You’ll Gain: 

Strategy + Creativity + Problem Solving + Collaboration + Brand Building + Marketing + AI-powered Design + Prompt Engineering For GenAI + Canva Magic Studio™ + Canva App Marketplace + Microsoft Teams® + Stanford Design Thinking + Cultural Diversity

Taught in English


Top 5 Reasons to Participate:

  1. Free, virtual, instructor-led GenAI training
  2. For early-career women, disadvantaged college/university students, and entrepreneurs (ages 18-25+)
  3. Compete on multinational teams for a chance to win scholarships & prizes
  4. Get started in AI without being technical
  5. FUTURE-proof your career!

5 Days. Real Projects. Real Impact.

Immerse yourself in a transformative 5-day event crafted to maximize your design skills and your impact with GenAI. Connect with a diverse group of ambitious young content creators and young leaders excited to delve into Canva Magic Studio™ and App Marketplace. These mind-blowing AI-powered tools allow you to create cutting edge designs that tackle societal issues with purpose and ease.




Achieve Your Goals Faster with Canva Magic Studio!

Create high impact visual assets in minutes (not hours) with Canva Magic Studio™ and App Marketplace. Seize this opportunity to catalyze action, and step up digital advocacy for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)! Students will collaborate in multinational teams to create and present their SDG fast pitches on DAY 2 of the virtual FUTURE 2025 | GenAI Summit EMEA for a chance to win scholarships and prizes. Scholarship awards can be utilized toward further education in design, marketing, AI or sustainability at designated institutions chosen by our generous sponsors.  


Launched in 2019, our annual introductory AI training event aims to engage women, disadvantaged youth, and marginalized communities through our international partners, providing free AI/ML education, mentoring, scholarships, workforce and skill development pathways. 



  • Use AI/ML ethically and as a meaningful tool for improving people’s lives and advancing progress around some of society’s greatest challenges – accelerating the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Put artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in the hands of women, disadvantaged youth, and marginalized communities to build a safer, more inclusive and equitable world for all.
  • Explore the collaboration among companies, governments, and educators to harness untapped human potential through technology education.
  • Increase youth civic participation and policy action to end poverty and hunger, realize the human rights of all, achieve gender equality, the empowerment of women, and ensure the lasting protection of the planet and its natural resources.   
  • Our focus extends to honoring cultural diversity, promoting peace, fostering intergenerational and cultural unity, and inspiring international cooperation among communities.


EDequity.Global is a global coalition of partners advancing technology education and economic equity for women, disadvantaged youth, and marginalized communities leveraging best-in-class technology tools. EDequity.Global operates in partnership with Systemic Diversity & Inclusion Group, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Problem Statement

AI is significantly transforming the way we work, learn, and live. Marginalized populations should not be excluded from the opportunities that these changes create. Tech education is crucial to addressing poverty, boosting AI literacy, economic growth, and creating more job opportunities – it’s our shared responsibility to make it accessible for everyone everywhere.

Innovative Collaboration For Global Impact

We believe in engaging with a range of stakeholders, including academia, public and private sector leaders, and civil society, providing free AI/ML education, mentoring, scholarships, workforce and skill development pathways. Together, we work within different national, cultural and language contexts to facilitate outreach, learning, policy dialogue, collective action and partnerships in technology workforce development.

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